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Peaceful release guided meditation is a 15 minute mini session of meditation guided by Aimee to bring peace and release from your hectic everyday life. this mini session is perfect for anyone who finds themselves needing to be reminded to slow their pace, taking a moment for themselves to breathe deeply, intentionally slowing down and being brought back to center.

::In this session of Guided meditation I will walk you through a series of focused breathing, guided imagery as we walk together along a shady path to a clearing, where you will lie down and release your day. a peaceful place where no one is tugging at you, expecting of you, you are alone and alive...

::This purchase is for an audio download of a guided meditation session that I (Aimee) have pre recorded. once purchased I will deliver the audio recording to your email address provided within 24 hours (many times within the hour) where you will be able to download as much and on as many devices as you'd like.

::I want to provide this helpful relaxation tool to ALL who feel drawn to using it so If for any reason you find yourself unable to pay the full price please message me and I will send it to you for a reduced rate. however if you're able to pay the full price this is much appreciated::

::to request a sample audio clip please message me and I will send you one **Namaste**