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Nourishing mama guided meditation is a 15 minute mini session of meditation guided by Aimee to bring a peaceful, soothing and nurturing energy to Mamas during the nourishing time in motherhood. this mini session is perfect for Mamas who find themselves needing help with releasing anxiety, embracing the truth that they were made to mother!

::This guided meditation session walks your through a series of deep, focused and relaxing breaths. we will speak together words of affirmation and mantras such as "The universe flows in through my heart and out to my child" that will help bring your thoughts and heart back to center when along this journey of motherhood you grow weary. I recommend that you practice this meditation session while feeding your child (although it could certainly be done at any time) deepening your connection with your child. whether you're breastfeeding or bottle feeding this meditation session will be very beneficial to you!

::This purchase is for an audio download of a guided meditation session that I (Aimee) have pre recorded. once purchased I will deliver the audio recording to your email address provided within 24 hours (many times within the hour) where you will be able to download as much and on as many devices as you'd like.

::I want to provide this helpful relaxation tool to ALL who feel drawn to using it so If for any reason you find yourself unable to pay the full price please message me and I will send it to you for a reduced rate. however if you're able to pay the full price this is much appreciated::

::to request a sample audio clip please message me and I will send you one