• Image of intuitive Crystal selection ~for meditation~

Are you finding that your life has a stagnant, dull, low energy feeling? perhaps meditation (mental focus) with crystals personally chosen for you is the answer.

Intuitive crystal selection is a process where you, in confidence, give me a little information about you. areas you'd like to improve, or focus mindful energy on (open heart, less stress, fertility, mental clarity) and I'll intuitively put together a set of crystals to aid you along your path. I will choose 4 or more crystals that you can use specifically during meditation to enhance your focus on these areas where you're seeking change.

Each set of crystals chosen will arrive cleansed with sage, full moon charged.

you will receive detailed information regarding their individual metaphysical properties via email, and an introduction to meditating with crystals.

once you've purchased this service I will email you within 24 hours to learn more about you and what you're personal needs are.