• Image of Divine feminine soothing bracelet

a very soothing, grounding and protecting combination of stones for your inner goddess.

peach moonstone is known as "the feminine soothing stone" because of its ability to soothe feminine energy. it supports the heart as it stimulates the mind. peach moonstone stimulates love, power, healing, sensuality, passion, creativity, automatic writing, self expression, self discovery, dreams, emotional balance, peace and harmony. metaphysically peach moonstone calms and brightens the emotions, helps improve self image, lifts ones vibrations, helps open up the divine feminine within, soothes worry and anxious feelings, helps develop intuition, helps one feel safe when expressing themselves emotionally or physically.

I've combined the loveliest of peach moonstone with green aventurine for its ability to heal old hurts or the heart. green aventurine clears, activates and grounds energy in the heart chakra.

*please add your desired length in the notes at checkout. if no size is indicated then I will send a 7" bracelet.